21st Century Learning in the San Carlos School District

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San Carlos School District | San Carlos, CA
600 students | 44,000 square feet

Last Fall Central Middle School welcomed their student body into a brand new, state-of-the-art, two-story facility. This innovative new building has flexible adaptable learning suites, two large indoor learning commons, and is fully integrated with technology, enhanced acoustics, and daylighting. The San Carlos School District is an early adopter of 21st century learning concepts and as such this campus also boasts a Tinker Lab, makerspace and dedicated science and art classrooms.

“Educators try to incorporate as much instruction as possible and it’s easy to forget to let children to think and to create. Our new campus incorporates a makerspace, Tinker Lab, studios dedicated to art and science, and flexible spaces that enable teachers to design and integrate experiential activities and real-life problem solving into our student education every day. We’re grateful for our innovative and well-designed learning facility. Students are flourishing and tapping into their innate creativity, it’s a beautiful thing!” said Steven Kaufman, Principal, Central Middle School

ZFA teamed with Quattrocchi Kwok Architects for the design and completed construction with Blach Construction in less than 14 months. One strategy utilized to achieve the accelerated schedule was the use of off-site pre-fabricated components which minimized the on-site construction time and reduced the impact on students and staff.

The Arroyo School is another cutting-edge education project ZFA is working on with the San Carlos School District.  This 4th and 5th grade school is dedicated to children’s learning through hands-on experimentation and includes special spaces such as a Wild Zone, makerspace, and the Arroyo Garden. The Arroyo School is under construction on the Central Middle School campus and is set to open in late August 2016.

These projects are part of our continued dedication to delivering excellence in the education market, from kindergarten to college.