Ceiling Bracing

In recent years, the seismic detailing and anchorage requirements for ceilings have intensified. ZFA is well versed in these requirements, providing engineering services to numerous clients for ceiling installations in many different types of facilities, such as schools, commercial buildings, and hospitals. We are expert in traditional lay-in panel ceilings, along with suspended wood and gypsum “floating” ceilings. Our staff also works closely with architects and contractors to provide architectural and mechanical ceilings that are isolated to prevent vibrations and noise from traveling up into the supporting floor structure.

ZFA frequently works with ceiling suppliers and contractors to provide alternative, cost-saving details that reduce installation effort in the field. An example would be the use of two-way braces in each primary direction in lieu of the typical four-way splayed wire bracing. ZFA has also justified to building authorities, through structural calculations, the reduction of conventional bracing requirements, again saving our clients time and money. We have developed many time-saving, economical standard hangers and fasteners.

Our engineers are thoroughly familiar with the code requirements for projects under the jurisdiction of the Division of the State Architect (DSA) and the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD). This knowledge and understanding of the current codes allows ZFA engineers to design cost-effective solutions to meet the architectural goals of these ceiling systems.