OSHPD Equipment Pre-Qualification

OSHPD Equipment AnchorageAll equipment installed in facilities under the jurisdiction of the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) must conform to specific OSHPD requirements for seismic resistance. Examples that fall under these requirements include mechanical, electrical, and medical equipment and their anchorage to the supporting structure.

Equipment installations are a common occurrence in OSHPD facilities because the constant advancement of medical technologies requires the installation of new medical equipment. In addition, mechanical & electrical systems eventually require upgrading.

Generally, the most efficient way to introduce and demonstrate that new equipment conforms to OSHPD requirements is to have the equipment pre-qualified by OSHPD. This pre-qualification allows the equipment to be installed in multiple locations based on requirements stated in the approved pre-qualification documents.

A typical OSHPD pre-qualification process would involve the following:

  • Designing a test procedure
  • Rigorous physical testing that emulates seismic forces
  • Documentation of the test procedure and data results
  • Review of the pre-qualification documents by a California Registered Structural Engineer
  • Submission to OSHPD for final pre-qualification approval

ZFA is well versed in assisting equipment manufacturers through the OSHPD pre-qualification process, including:

  • Meeting with OSHPD to preliminarily discuss pre-qualification procedures to avert future review and approval issues
  • Designing the testing procedure
  • Observing the physical testing and documentation for conformance with procedure requirements
  • Reviewing and approving the pre-qualification documents prior to OSHPD submission

Once the OSHPD pre-qualification is approved, OSHPD will require a California Registered Structural Engineer to be responsible for the anchorage of the equipment to specific building structures. ZFA has extensive experience in providing OSHPD-approvable design and construction documents for the anchorage of the equipment to specific building structures.