Photovoltaics (Beringer Winery)The structural design of solar energy installations, specifically photovoltaic (PV) installations, is a unique specialty area that ZFA wholeheartedly embraced early in the campaign to derive power from the sun. These systems, frequently installed on existing roofs, require the input of an engineer to evaluate the existing roof and develop the system attachments. To date, the firm has provided the structural design for photovoltaics for schools, wineries, movie theaters, distribution centers, municipal buildings, offices, and mixed-use developments which include roof, ground-mounted, and even floating systems. Of particular note is the solar installation that ZFA engineered for Beringer Vineyards in St. Helena. At the time, this was the largest solar installation on a winery in the United States, sporting more than 6,000 panels over three buildings and spanning 140,000 square feet. ZFA has also worked with many school districts to get approval through the Division of the State Architect (DSA) for PV systems on many school campuses, including Maria Carrillo High School, Cook Middle School, Elsie Allen High School, Kenilworth Junior High School, Aragon High School, Hillsdale High School, Mendocino K-8 School, Logan High School, and others. Photovoltaics (Floatovoltaics)ZFA has long working relationships with many highly respected solar developers in California, including the top two installers in the state. Our teaming with these developers affords clients the latest and best in solar technology, a system that is most suited to the client’s needs, with optimal energy savings. ZFA’s specialized experience in the structural engineering of solar energy systems has given it the edge. With its diversity of completed projects, ZFA already knows the particular nuances and idiosyncrasies of this expanding field and how to provide cost-effective solutions that yield energy for today’s needs – from the sun.