Plan Checking of Schools for DSA

Plan Checking Services for DSA (Mahoney Center) croppedThe Division of the State Architect (DSA) reviews and regulates the construction of all public schools in California. As one would expect, DSA’s requirements for assuring that our schools are structurally safe are strict and specialized.

Because of the obvious importance of providing safe school buildings for our children, DSA engages in a system of checks and balances for all of its projects. Every set of structural plans prepared by a structural engineering firm for the construction of any public school project is carefully checked in detail by a DSA plan review engineer or a qualified private structural engineering firm, which is chosen by DSA.

ZFA has been performing these contract plan reviewing services for DSA for more than 13 years, being one of the first firms to qualify for the program in 1997. We have reviewed dozens of school projects state-wide, working closely with both DSA staff and private design engineers to provide thoughtful, comprehensive, and fair enforcement of code requirements.

At ZFA, our structural engineers are well versed in all of the applicable codes and regulations pertaining to the structural design of schools. As required, our licensed structural engineers have completed the DSA Academy’s most recent training course on plan reviewing. This places us in good stead for performing DSA Plan Checks and providing top quality engineering designs for schools.

“Witnessing them in often-lengthy DSA (Division of State Architect) Plan Review appointments, I can testify to their engineering expertise to gain consensus from the reviewing engineer – which they make look easy.”