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American AgCredit Celebrates 100 Years and Moves to New Headquarters – 2017 ENR Award Winner!

Photographs by David Wakely 400 Aviation Blvd | Santa Rosa Commercial | 120,000 square feet Principal In Charge:  Kevin Zucco | Project Engineer:  Luke Wilson This past August American AgCredit celebrated 100 years of serving farmers throughout the United States. The event was marked with ribbon cutting at their new headquarters and Agriculture Hub complex […]

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A Healing Sculpture For Veterans in Palo Alto

Veterans Affairs Health Care System | Palo Alto Triumph | Sculpture of Granite and Steel Principal In Charge:  Mark A. Moore | Project Engineer:  Matt Frantz A recent study by the US Department of Veterans Affairs confirmed the shocking statistic that roughly 20 veterans take their own lives each day. Government programs and concerned citizens have been working to […]

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Placer SPCA Helps Pets More Quickly Find Their Forever Homes

99 Yosemite Street | Roseville Public | 41,000 square feet Principal In Charge: Tom Curtis   Project Engineer: Mickey Kellogg Construction has just begun on what is slated to be a state-of-the-art animal shelter and adoption center in Placer County. When you think of the SPCA, images of cages and concrete come to mind, but this new […]

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Earthquake Strengthening of Cripple Walls in Wood-Frame Dwellings

Award-Winning Earthquake Preparedness for Homeowners Living in California means we must consider the possibility of earthquakes and their impact on our homes. In 2014, Napa experienced an earthquake, reminding us that we’re vulnerable and that being prepared can make all the difference. Post-earthquake, FEMA, ZFA staff, and the Applied Technology Council (ATC) developed a prescriptive […]

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85 Bluxome

Earthquake Resistance Through Pile Foundation + SidePlate Technology

Positive Impact on the Environment and Tenants  85 Bluxome Street | San Francisco, CA Mixed Use | 57,000 square feet Principal in Charge:  Mark A. Moore Project Manager:  Ryan Bogart Today, San Francisco consists of a nearly square-shaped landmass of nearly 49 square miles, but it wasn’t always quite this large. Expansion into the Bay […]

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CMS photo

21st Century Learning in the San Carlos School District

San Carlos School District | San Carlos, CA 600 students | 44,000 square feet Last Fall Central Middle School welcomed their student body into a brand new, state-of-the-art, two-story facility. This innovative new building has flexible adaptable learning suites, two large indoor learning commons, and is fully integrated with technology, enhanced acoustics, and daylighting. The San Carlos School District is an early […]

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