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Carnegie Library Shot 1

Carnegie Library gets a well-hidden retrofit

Around the turn of the 19th century, hundreds of communities throughout America and other parts of the world were very fortunate to have been granted community library construction donations from businessman and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. However, the building methods of those times used unreinforced brick and stone for most of the libraries, which do not […]

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Castello di Amarosa

Many ancient castles took hundreds of years to build or were never completed. Castello di Amorosa has taken 13 years, cost millions of dollars, involved the expertise of at least 12 different ZFA engineers, and still has yet to reach Dario Sattui’s ultimate vision. The design of this project started in 1994 and the structure […]

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The Effect of Near-Fault Directivity on Building Seismic Collapse Risk

One of the fundamental parameters in predicting a building’s seismic performance is understanding the characteristics of the earthquake ground motions. This paper co-authored by ZFA’s Casey Champion, PE provides an in-depth discussion of earthquake effects on building collapse, particularly for structures located close to a fault line (earthquake source). Click here to see the full […]

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