Project Experience

  • Triumph

    Palo Alto, CA Richard Deutsch Richard Deutsch, an American sculptor was federally commissioned to create a public sculpture for the Veterans Affairs Health Care System in Palo Alto. His vision was to create experiential, lyrical environment to promote healing. The final design was a central sculpture composed of seven large interconnected steel rings reaching 38 feet […]

  • ECTO #2

    San Diego  | California Damon Hyldreth Creation of Electronic 3D Model of Sculpture A computer 3D model of a steel sculpture was created for analysis purposes from a physical scale model. Due to the geometric complexity of the sculpture, an innovative method was used to generate the computer model. The approach used was the utilization of […]

  • Turning Point

    Fremont, CA Richard Deutsch This sculpture, designed by Richard Deutsch, stands at an outdoor plaza in Fremont, CA. It is designed to resist loading from wind, earthquakes, temperature differentials, in addition to its own self weight. The sculpture is composed of an exterior hollow shell supported by an internal frame. The shell is constructed from […]

  • Essential Energies

    Santa Rosa, CA Riis Burwell   Riis Burwell designed this sculpture with three brass elements that intertwine around each other, thus inspiring a “flame” that welcomes employees and visitors to the Pacific Gas & Electric Building in Santa Rosa, CA. Built in 2011, this is piece that measures 10’ tall x 4’ x 4’. ZFA […]

  • The Knot

    Newport Beach, CA Damon Hyldreth The Knot, designed by Damon Hyldreth, is located at the Bayview Corporate Center in Newport Beach, CA.  It was constructed in 2011 of ASTM 316 stainless steel and is comprised of three pieces:  two 1”x20”x350” shaped plates and a 1”x60”x140” base.  The final structure is 12 x 16 x 7.5 […]

  • Full Circles

    San Francisco, CA Mark Grieve Ilana Spector   “Full Circles” is the title of the sculpture by California artists Mark Grieve & Ilana Spector, which prominently hangs under the cupola and its oculus at the Visitacion Valley Branch of the South San Francisco Public Library.  Full Circles is a constellation of shiny, interlocking steel hoops […]

  • The Cyclisk

    Santa Rosa | California Mark Grieve Ilana Spector The Cyclisk was designed by artists Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector in a competition using recycled materials. The design incorporates 340 discarded bicycles which were cleaned and welded together to form a four-inch-thick skin around a 65 foot traditionally shaped obelisk. ZFA coordinated with the artists in […]