Project Experience

  • Orchard Residence

    Napa | California Set in the heart of wine country, this two-story private residence with a pool house and detached garage is a modern blend of exposed steel, wood, and stone. The structural systems were designed to augment the floor-to-ceiling height structural glass, extensive clerestory windows, butterfly shade trellises, and open floor plans.  

  • Wine Country Residence

    Napa | California This project is designed as a partial one-story, partial two-story 5,840 square foot residence, which includes a garage, a barn and a guesthouse.  Subtle steel and wood framed structural systems have been designed to disappear within the modern architecture—a contemporary blend of field hewn stone, glass, timber, and exposed steel finishes. Spacious windows under […]

  • Crystal Springs Residence

    Woodside | California This beautiful new two-story home is comprised of a single-story conventional wood framed structure with light framed walls sheathed with structural panels. The Crystal Springs Residence is far from your typical residential project.  This project posed design challenges that were truly one of a kind for a custom residential home.  The home is located […]

  • Slot House

    Los Altos Hills | California Underlain by a dormant landslide, the structure of this home was designed to withstand the downslope landslide movement resulting from a major earthquake. The residence was designed with a concrete podium and a mat slab foundation which is supported by steel encased concrete piers and high tensile tie-backs.  As well as […]

  • Tagus Court Residence

    Portolla Valley | California A single-story masonry and wood framed residence was reconfigured to be a two-story residence. The architectural design creates a symmetrical two-story structure with sloped metal roofs, deep overhangs, and optimal fenestration.

  • Sausalito Residence

    Sausalito | California This magnificent residence hugs the ridge of the Marin Headlands, offering over 180 degrees of unobstructed view of the beautiful San Francisco Bay. The main roof structure supports a green sod roof of native grasses. In order to provide structural support the following were used – pier and grade beams, concrete shotcrete […]

  • Indian Rock Residence

    San Anselmo | California This residence was created in REVIT through a close working relationship between the architect and ZFA. The entire residence is constructed of exposed steel framing, allowing the expression of unique geometric shapes and providing the opportunity for expansive glass walls.

  • Sonoma Residence

    Sonoma | California The architect created the look of an Italian Villa for this custom residence in Sonoma. The main house was built previously, with ZFA performing the structural engineering. An addition to the home as well as a detached garage with guest quarters above, a pool house with office above, and guest house on […]

  • Woodside Residence Two

    Woodside | California ZFA’s Design Studio in San Francisco has recently completed the design and now under construction for this custom residence, with numerous challenges to the foundation design. The residence is a two story wood framed structure over a single story concrete podium. A geotechnical investigation discovered that the property is located on bowl-shaped topography […]

  • Woodside Residence One

    Woodside | California The 9,000 square foot Main residence is situated on a 2 acre plot with a separate 1,000 square foot pool house structure. The architecture commands clean uninterrupted lines by the use of hidden gutters, floor to ceiling glazing, recessed shade pockets, movable wall systems and the careful blend of materials like wood, […]

  • Lombard Street Residences

    San Francisco | California These two five-story townhouses on Russian Hill were entitled concurrently and boast 180 degree bay views from the top floor. This project site incorporates many materials of the original construction – exposing key elements of the structure as architectural highlights – as well as complying with stringent historical preservation requirements.

  • Shaver Lake Mountain Residence

    Shaver Lake | California ZFA teamed with an award-winning architect from Vail, CO to create a one-of-a-kind residence at this mountain location. State-of-the-art steel and log construction comprised the three-story lakeside residence. Cost of construction was $10 million.