Placer SPCA Helps Pets More Quickly Find Their Forever Homes


99 Yosemite Street | Roseville

Public | 41,000 square feet

Principal In Charge: Tom Curtis   Project Engineer: Mickey Kellogg

Construction has just begun on what is slated to be a state-of-the-art animal shelter and adoption center in Placer County. When you think of the SPCA, images of cages and concrete come to mind, but this new facility is turning that world upside down.

Designed to include home-like environments and park features, the architecture and flow of the Placer SPCA was based on recommendations by the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program. By closely approximating a natural environment, research shows that the animals can more quickly transition to their humans and start their new lives on the right paw. Given the number of animals in need, making their stay short and comfortable, and providing the highest quality care, are high priorities for the Placer County SPCA.


Ongoing Dedication to Public Structures 

ZFA Principal Tom Curtis, of ZFA Sacramento, shared his perspective on this project: “One of our challenges was the concrete tilt-up main structure of the Surewest Telecommunications campus built in the 1960’s. We worked closely with Swatt Miers Architects and Unger Construction to meet the needs of our client and blend new structures with existing ones. ZFA has been the SEOR on some award winning animal facilities and it's always satisfying to be a part of something that improves the quality of life for both animals and humans."

With more and more people adopting pets it’s heartwarming to see a beautiful project like this getting built to facilitate the transition. Knowing that the animals in Placer county are benefitting from the most current research facilities is something everyone can get behind. When finished, the Placer SPCA will span just over two acres and it is expected to welcome animals and humans in late 2017.

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