Adelanto Detention Facility West

Adelanto | California


Projects-AdelantoCorrectionalCellThe Adelanto Correctional Facility project was completed in 2012. ZFA prepared the structural design calculations and fabrication drawings for 96 precast concrete prison modules encompassing a total of 176 prison cells, showers, storage rooms, and medical exam rooms. The design and detailing included completely fabricated, ready-to-use modules. The modules were cast locally with all finishes, furniture, and M/E/P items installed prior to being trucked to the jobsite. Once erected at the jobsite, modules only require hookup to the facility’s M/E/P systems. The structural design is based upon the ACI requirements for Intermediate Precast Concrete Shear Walls, with additional ductility provided by continuous module-to-module boundary reinforcing in lieu of less ductile weld plates.  Projects-AdelantoCorrectionalModules_0Adelanto is located in a region of high seismicity, therefore the pre-cast modules were required to not only support their own load, but also laterally support a significant tributary area from the overall building structure.