CCA San Diego – Prison Healthcare Facility

San Diego | California


The project consists of monolithically cast cell blocks that are joined to form two-story units: there are approximately 36 to 38 module types. The units are designed to be stand alone and self-supporting structures. The housing areas are separated by a strategically located seismic joint from the administration building, which affords thermal movement and simplifies the structural systems. The modules are anticipated to remain essentially elastic with potential yielding limited to the foundation anchors due to the prescriptive code requirements for intermediate pre-cast concrete walls. The foundation design consists of shallow strip footings and slab-on-grade construction, understanding that the upper 18” to 24″ is potentially expansive soil and this is to be mitigated through soil stabilization. The construction cost is targeted to be $87 million. Construction began in October 2013 – design/detailing is ongoing.