Cove Elementary School

Larkspur | California


Photo courtesy of QKA

An aging elementary school was replaced by a new five-building 39,680 SF elementary school which uses learning suites instead of the traditional classrooms. Each suite includes two classroom-sized spaces that can be combined or partitioned off by a partially transparent operable wall, allowing collaborative and integrated teaching for group, individual and peer learning. The project includes a multi-use café, a library, an administration building, and four classroom buildings. The site is only a few blocks from the Bay and has experienced settlement issues from bay mud. The new buildings utilize mat slab foundations together with soil load balancing to mitigate future settlement concerns. They are one-story, light, wood-framed structures with the exception of the café, which have exposed steel roof trusses and braced frames. The classroom buildings have sawtooth roof profiles to increase natural lighting and incorporate roof top solar panels. Construction Cost: $16.9M


Photo courtesy of QKA