Full Circles

San Francisco, CA

Mark Grieve
Ilana Spector

AI-FullCircles_1“Full Circles” is the title of the sculpture by California artists Mark Grieve & Ilana Spector, which prominently hangs under the cupola and its oculus at the Visitacion Valley Branch of the South San Francisco Public Library.  Full Circles is a constellation of shiny, interlocking steel hoops embellished with recycled bicycle gears. Suspended 20 feet above ground, this is designed to evoke a “universe of possibilities”. The dark blue backdrop in the library reinforces the constellation theme. Based on a small scale model provided by the artist, ZFA analyzed the special steel tubes in a 3 dimensional program for seismic and gravity design. Special attention was given to connection points, tube splice details, hanging connection, and stiffness of each structural circle. The piece was assembled full scale at the artist’s shop then deconstructed and reassembled on site.

The sculpture, commissioned by The City of South San Francisco, is part of the Branch Library Improvement Program (BLIP) Arts Master Plan. Established in 2001, this program provided for a community-based artist selection process for providing art in 10 new libraries.