Napa Valley Unified School District

Napa | California

image003ZFA worked with the NVUSD to develop a Seismic Enhancement Program to respond to updates to ASCE 31 and DSA Proposition 1D funding allocation practices.  The program evolved from a simple survey of the district’s AB 300 list facilities to a comprehensive Seismic Enhancement Program that covered approximately 78 buildings on 14 campuses.

In addition to the district-wide program, three campuses were selected to pursue seismic retrofit projects during the  summer of 2012. A 08-03 Eligibility Report was prepared by ZFA for each of the 13 buildings and submitted to DSA for review.  Similarly, construction documents for the seismic retrofits were prepared utilizing CBC Chapter 34 and ASCE 41, as well as applications for matching state Prop 1D funding.