Woodside Residence Two

Woodside | California

image5-27ZFA’s Design Studio in San Francisco has recently completed the design and now under construction for this custom residence, with numerous challenges to the foundation design.

The residence is a two story wood framed structure over a single story concrete podium.

image4-25A geotechnical investigation discovered that the property is located on bowl-shaped topography that is underlain by a deep dormant landslide and in a high seismic zone.


The dormant landslide has high potential risk for future movement and slip plane failure, especially during extreme wet weather or seismic activity.

image3-22Designing for this risk was key in the overall stability and performance of the home.

The design includes ductile steel encased concrete filled piers that cantilever through the slip plane and support the mat slab in unison with tiebacks resisting lateral loads.