Yulupa Elementary School Multi-Use Building

Santa Rosa | California


This project consists of a 7,000 square foot new multi-use building for Yulupa Elementary School that includes an efficiently located rooftop solar installation to offset the school’s electricity load. The building was constructed of structural steel framing with abundant glazing and supporting metal stud cladding walls. Architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS) seismic braces, roof beams, and columns were utilized throughout the building.

yulupa-elementary-school-02The roof deck is exposed from below with great care in design to keep the ceiling ‘clean’. The long overhang roof eaves are supported by custom tapered wide flange beams and canted columns accentuating the modern design. A stiffened concrete foundation system supports the structure. Along with the new building, the school re-purposed the original multi-use building into a new library. In addition, 12 new custom modular classrooms and a new soccer field with a perimeter running track were built.

Cost of construction was approximately $4.2 million.