Carolyn Hart


Carolyn knew she was destined for a career in accounting starting when she was 13 years old and helped proofread her father’s dissertation entitled Federal Wealth: Gift and Inheritance Taxes. Over the years, Carolyn has collected vast experience from her accounting roles in a variety of AEC firms, bringing depth to her knowledge base.


    • Various roles in accounting software development, assisting with creation of new accounting modules for streamlined processes
    • Involved in organizations addressing the needs of those needing assistance

Not unlike her engineering coworkers, Carolyn relishes diving into her responsibilities with the eye of a detective to uncover the whys and wherefores of the financial side of the firm.

“There is nothing better than being able to look back at each day and know that I did my best for our clients, vendors, and employees.”
30+ years
When not at work, Carolyn finds joy in spending time with her family and her dogs. She also enjoys entertaining, baking, Bible study, painting, and going to Pilates.