Turning Point

Fremont, CA
Richard Deutsch

AI-BeaconAveThis sculpture, designed by Richard Deutsch, stands at an outdoor plaza in Fremont, CA. It is designed to resist loading from wind, earthquakes, temperature differentials, in addition to its own self weight. The sculpture is composed of an exterior hollow shell supported by an internal frame. The shell is constructed from 12 stainless steel discs, ranging in size from 5 to 8 feet in diameter. The discs are interconnected by an internal support structure that is constructed from 13 stainless steel bars. The sculpture is supported at 3 locations at its base on a concrete pad. The overall dimensions of the sculpture are approximately 12’-11” by 16’-3” in plan, and it stands 24’-2” tall. It sits on a concrete pad approximately 14’ by 15’ and 2’-6” thick.