Entry Level Designer

Minimum qualifications:

A Designer shall have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in civil, architectural or structural engineering; an EIT certificate is preferred. A master’s degree is appreciated. Knowledge and understanding of engineering principles and practice is required. Must have the ability and desire to learn project-engineering skills as well as be personable to maintain positive client relationships for ZFA.

As an entry-level engineer, a Designer is responsible for basic structural-engineering tasks. Smaller projects or portions of projects may be assigned at first, and strong collaboration with more senior personnel will be expected to guide the Designer in learning ZFA standards and practices. A Designer is responsible for asking thoughtful questions and producing high-quality work. Active learning, listening and communication will develop a Designer’s technical and soft skills.

Salary range:

$65,000 – $85,000

This range provides a reasonable estimate of the base salary that an applicant may be paid. Actual pay rates may vary from this range depending on various factors including education, experience, skills and location.

Some of the responsibilities and desired qualities of a Designer are noted below:

Exercise maturity and sound judgment in decision making and problem-solving

Provide high-quality project construction documents, calculations and reports, and serve as effective support for project team members

Learn to use and help improve in-house project tools (including 3D Revit modeling), policies, systems and procedures

Learn about code issues and expand engineering knowledge by reviewing technical information and new construction methods or products

Assist with the construction administration process

Effectively communicate with all employees of the company, clients and contractors to foster an attitude of teamwork

When requested, assist in monitoring, improving and developing office standards to improve quality and efficiency