Mike Hauser Academy

Since 2020, ZFA has participated in the three-week summer school program offered by Mike Hauser Academy (MHA), in collaboration with the Santa Rosa Metro Chamber. The MHA brings students, businesses, and teachers together to empower the next generation of leaders in STEM fields. The program provides incoming 9th grade English Language Learner (ELL) students, and students who could benefit from extra math and science support, the opportunity to visit STEM-related companies where they interact with engineers and professionals.

Each year, ZFA engineers meet with students in the MHA program and share about their path to becoming an engineer, while discussing their passions and introducing key engineering concepts. Students participate in six workshops led by local STEM professionals—a popular workshop is a team-building competition to build the strongest tower made of toothpicks and gumdrops!

ZFA is delighted to contribute our expertise and enthusiasm to the MHA program, aiming to inspire young graduates towards successful careers in STEM and nurturing their potential as future leaders.