225 California Drive

Category: Work
Burlingame, CA

The 120,000 square foot mixed-use commercial building includes retail shops at the ground floor, medical and professional offices on the upper levels, and three levels of underground parking. The four-story structure is constructed of a cast-in-place concrete frame system with reinforced concrete shear walls. The structural design incorporated challenging architectural and geotechnical constraints.

The structure is underlain by Bay Mud soils, and careful coordination of the foundation design was completed with the geotechnical engineer to provide a shallow footing solution that balances the potential for the heavy structure to sink into the poor soil with the tendency for the high water table to push the structure out of the ground. The mat slab was designed to be four-feet thick typically, with thickened portions under shear walls.

The project has been designed to receive LEED Silver Certification.

Photo Credit: Misha Bruk Photography

Size 120,000 sf
Completed 2018
Construction Cost $25M
Architect MBH Architects
Owner DLC Burlingame, California Limited Corp.
LEED Silver Certification

U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), 2018