California Highway Patrol Office No. 241

Category: Work
Chico, CA

This Design-Build project consisted of a 28,662 square foot area office building, 6,124 square foot auto service building, secured mechanical/generator courtyard, fusee (flare) enclosure building, and waste enclosure building. All buildings consisted of CMU perimeter bearing walls with structural steel Dutch gable roof structures. The communications tower and the above ground fueling tank were designed by others, but ZFA provided the foundation designs.

Additional items Included are a 1,920 square foot vehicle fueling canopy and 1,500 square feet of parking canopies. Other site structures included: CMU site walls, security ‘standoff’ walls, metal fence and gate, monument sign, and flag pole foundation. All buildings were designed to meet the Essential Services Building Safety Seismic Act of 1986, and the Area Office Building was detailed to meet NFPA 1221 for communication centers.

Photo Credit: Tyler Chartier Photography

Size 38,206 sf
Completed 2017
Construction Cost $24.7M
Architect Glass Architects
Contractor Lusardi Construction
LEED Gold Certification

U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), 2017