College of Marin, Bill and Adele Jonas Center

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Novato, CA

This design-build project consists of a new single-story, 10,000 square-foot banquet hall and the modernization of an adjacent building into a kitchen to service the banquet space. The lateral force-resisting system in the new building consists primarily of concrete and wood shear walls. However, to maximize glazing at the front of the building, cantilever concrete columns were used along this line. The roof framing over the main seating area consists of carefully designed and exposed glue-laminated beams and a long-span, steel and glue-laminated beam bowstring truss that together form an aesthetically engaging visual experience.
A unique aspect of the project is the re-use of the existing foundation piers for the new building. The new building is constructed on the footprint of a former two-story structure that was demolished. Due to building’s proximity to a nearby creek, the new building was required to be founded on deep foundation elements. In order to limit disturbance to the adjacent waterway, and also reduce costs, the existing pier foundations were integrated into the design of the new building. Additionally, a new pedestrian bridge that spans over the creek increases circulation between the new building and the campus.

Renderings courtesy of LCA Architects

Size 10,800 sf
Construction Cost $14.5M
Architect LCA Architects
Contractor Alten Construction
Owner College of Marin