Historic Goodman Library

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Napa, CA

Built in 1901, the historic Goodman Library was designed by local architect Luther Turton, utilizing native Napa field stone.  The historic library is a total of approximately 5,400 square feet, over two floor levels.  The Goodman Library emerged from the August 24th, 2014 South Napa Earthquake damaged, but having performed relatively well for unreinforced stone masonry construction.

The most extreme exterior damage occurred at the stone tower, however extensive cracking was noted throughout the brittle stone walls. Though the entry tower rotated in plan and a corner partially collapsed, it fortunately remained upright.  Additional damage observed included: cracked and loosened mortar; cracked stones; and stones that had become dislodged and permanently displaced.

Rebuilding of the tower began with the removal and cataloging of each stone as it was dismantled down to roof level.  A vertical steel space truss, was added to the interior core of the tower.  Tower stones were stitched together with adhesive anchors around the steel truss.  During reinstallation, some stones were deemed too damaged for reuse or were missing.  Fortunately, a nearby historic building recently completed a remodel and had leftover stones available, allowing the tower to be completely rebuilt from local, historically accurate materials.

Segments of the stone wall that were displaced and or significantly cracked were disassembled and rebuilt.  Other damaged areas were repointed and grout injected with historically accurate lime-based grout.

The Napa County Historical Society played an integral part in the restoration process and maintaining the historical fabric of the structure.  All materials were reused or replaced in kind where possible including: wooden fixtures and trim, terra cotta entry columns, tin ceilings, and the sandstone nameplate.

Photo Credit:  Justin Lopez Photography

Size 5,400 sf
Completed 2017
Construction Cost $1.7M
Architect Napa Design Partners, LLP
Contractor Alten Construction
Owner City of Napa
Project of the Year Award, NorCal - Historical Restoration/Preservation

American Public Works Association, 2018

Project of the Year Award, National - Historical Restoration/Preservation

American Public Works Association, 2018

Award of Merit - Preservation, Earthquake Damage Repair, and Rehabilitation

California Preservation Foundation, 2018

Excellence in Structural Engineering - Award of Merit - Historic Preservation

Structural Engineers Association of Northern California (SEAONC), 2018

Award of Merit - Preservation or Restoration

Napa County Landmarks, 2018