The Oshman Family JCC Tower Art

Category: Play
Palo Alto, CA

The sculpture at the Oshman Family Jewish Community Center in Palo Alto has a musical theme. It was designed to be an instrument played by electronic hammers, similar to a church bell system. The tubing used for the sculpture varies in diameter and wall thickness to create different tones. The thicknesses of the tubing were determined as the desired musical tones were experimented with to get the desired sounds.

It is composed of two groups of curved stainless-steel pipes that are fastened to the exterior wall of an existing two-story elevator tower. Each group of pipes is interconnected on the exterior side of the wall finishes by a custom stainless steel channel, and the entire assembly is connected to steel backing within the elevator wall framing.

Photo Credit: Richard Deutsch Studio and Oshman Family Jewish Community Center

Completed 2021
Architect Richard Deutsch Studio
Owner Oshman Family Jewish Community Center