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Healdsburg, CA

The SHED is a two-story, 10,000 square-foot prefabricated metal structure with an innovative blend of retail, restaurant, and social space where visitors can gather to share food and conversation. The architecture blends Healdsburg’s past with a contemporary feel in this pre-engineered metal building that was used to create a barn structure with large, open spaces.

The foundation system consists of a 10-inch-thick structural concrete slab on a grid of grade beams that are supported on a large-scale helical pier foundation. Deep foundations were used to address potential liquefaction as well as settlement issues that were experienced by the previous building on the site. ZFA also provided structural design for the exterior deck that partially cantilevers over Foss Creek as well as multiple signs and canopy connections to the metal building.

The building system uses 70% recycled metal as well as energy-saving, insulated metal-panel cladding. Roof drains, permeable paving, and other site infrastructure all channel stormwater to the garden, which uses, filters, and stores the water before slowly releasing runoff into Foss Creek.

Photo Credit: © Mariko Reed/OTTO

Size 10,000 sf
Completed 2013
Architect Jensen Architects
Contractor Oliver & Company