Thornsberry Road Residence

Category: Live
Sonoma, CA

The main building of this new custom home includes approximately 5,000 square feet of space dedicated to three main areas: a living area, a master suite, and a guest suite. Linking these luxurious spaces is approximately 4,500 square feet of open, covered porches, designed with rustic wood framing and concealed connections. A detached, 1,000 square-foot garage building is adjacent to the main house, and the back yard features a large infinity pool, hot tub, pool deck, and bocce ball court.

The main house utilizes vaulted ceilings and custom, exposed wood and steel trusses to accent the large, open living/dining area. Structural steel frames are visible from the interior of the home, displayed as part of the rustic, yet stylish décor. Thick walls, some of which are stone-clad, add to the robust aesthetic, while large expanses of windows bring in plentiful light, balancing the feel of the space with open airiness.

Photo Credit:  Jeff Schlarb Design Studio and Aubrie Pick

Size 5,000 sf
Completed 2016
Construction Cost $3M
Architect Michael Guthrie & Co.
Contractor Jon Reiter Construction