Vintage Inn and Villagio Inn

Category: Work
Yountville, CA

The Vintage House and Hotel Villagio properties have provided luxury accommodations for visitors to Napa for over 30 years. In 2018, the properties were expanded and remodeled for a more modern appearance and function. Renovations occurred throughout the facilities, which are composed of smaller groups of structures that each contain four to six guest rooms, two lobbies, and a retreat center. A new corporate event center and canopy structure were also constructed.

Due to the large scope of work, the remodel of the Vintage House lobby and retreat center required extensive upgrades to meet the requirements of the current building code. The lobby roof was reconstructed almost entirely to accommodate a grand entryway, and an underutilized spa building at the heart of the property was converted into an upscale retreat center with five guest rooms and a private pool. Through extensive coordination, the design team was able to use much of the existing framing to limit structural scope in certain areas. The designers and contractor also worked to value engineer the structure throughout the design process, eventually concentrating on providing high ceilings at the central communal lounge rather than constructing the entirely new roof profile originally proposed.

Additionally, an existing laundry service and maintenance building was replaced by a new 6,000 square-foot corporate event center, which features exposed, custom, heavy timber trusses that frame the tall gable roof. The open concept and use of glass provide charming views of the surrounding newly constructed outdoor trellises and refurbished courtyard.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Estate Yountville

Construction Cost $10M (est.)
Architect SB Architects
Contractor Centric Building, Inc.
Owner Thayer Lodging 1997 Annapolis