Darek Watson

BIM Project Manager

Darek began his structural drafting career in the mid-‘90s drafting high-rise buildings around the world before joining ZFA in 1999. In the years that he has been with ZFA, he has developed expertise in Revit software, managed a team of up to five BIM modelers, and overseen the use of BIM software for over 60 engineers in five offices.


    • Expert in AutoCAD and Revit software
    • Serves on ZFA’s Revit Task Group helping to develop standards and continually advance ZFA’s BIM capabilities
    • Active in the firm’s Vision groups to advance ZFA into the future
“My passion as a drafter has always been with buildings. Structural drafting is my ‘art’ and to see how structures go together is beautiful to me.”
20+ years
Certificate of Proficiency in Drafting Fundamentals and CADD
Sierra Hi-Tech Trade School
Carmichael, CA
AutoDesk User Group International (AUGI)
Darek is an avid motorcyclist. Whether riding his comfy Goldwing on long tours across the country or single-track trail riding through the High Sierras, he loves spending time on two wheels. He’s pretty enthusiastic about four wheels too—he’s been building a fully LS1 swapped Chevy 4x4 to use for serious off-road adventures with his son. And, when he’s on two feet, he also loves to play tennis, even though he admits that his enthusiasm for the sport far outweighs his skills on the court.