Sean Westbrook, SE


Sean is adept at managing design projects from start to finish and working in multiple sectors from custom residences to a patent for floating photovoltaics.


    • An integral member of ZFA’s specialized Residential Design Studio
    • Brings unique and inspired solutions to the progressive designs and curious existing conditions found in California’s building stock

From his college days in San Luis Obispo to a three-year stint in New York City learning firsthand about building history through architectural classes, Sean returned to his first love, California, in 2009. He enjoys working closely with architects, clients, and contractors, building relationships for successful projects.

“Thinking outside the box is sometimes limiting. That is when you have to ask, ‘what box?’ and look at it completely differently.”
19 years
BS in Architectural Engineering
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Cal OES Safety Assessment Program
Sean enjoys exploring technologies and processes, enriching all activities through the joy of the journey. He is curious and creative at home as well as work and often finds himself building carbon composite skateboards for commuting, programming microcontrollers on custom designed PCBs for control systems, modifying his classic 240 Volvo wagon, or experimenting with construction methods on his house. Bringing his learned experiences to the workplace and home to his family keeps Sean inspired.